Open Beta Of MU Legend (MU2) Starts In September

Webzen announced today that the Open Beta phase for its action MMORPG, MU Legend (MU2), will enter the Open Beta in September. In addition to having several new features being implemented in the new version, players will also be happy to know that MU Legend will arrive in Open Beta with the following languages: English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Over the past few months, Webzen’s development team was working hard to polish MU Legend for all 6 languages available. Webzen emphasized that the team is also a gamer and just wants the best game for the community! As for the new features, players can watch the MU Legend Facebook page because the team will introduce them regularly before the Open Beta starts.

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MU Legend: The Long Test Phase Will End On September

In the summer, the Open Beta of MU Legend is to be launched and is thus a further step towards the release.

The developers of MU Legend of your fan base provide a reason for joy. As now announced, the action RPG is to go into the open test phase this September. For a long time you do not have to wait until the hack and slay with MMO influence is playable for you and your friends in the open beta.

MU Legend – Open Beta 2017

The open beta of MU Legend will be available in six languages, including German and English. Richard Moon from WEBZEN is looking forward to the test phase: “After the official launch of the Korean version, we are glad to share this news with the global audience.” It is a great milestone for the team, finally the status of open beta to reach. The last remaining months are used to fine-tune the new features. These include Trading NPC, the PvP fights in the 3v3 mode, and more.

On the Facebook page of MU Legend the team announces that you have to create a new character for the open beta. After that there will be no more wipe. This is a good reason for many players to put more energy into the open beta, because you can keep your characters and then continue to play in the published game.